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Why Buy ready goods stock?

In this era of mass production and mass marketing, ready goods stock has become increasingly common. Most ready goods stock – over 80% in fact – is in excellent condition: brand new, untouched and authentic. These items become stock for various reasons: overproduction, mismatching the original order, delivery issues, unforeseen bankruptcies, credit issues and more.

  • Price

    prices are always sharp and attractive

  • Speed to market

    the goods are ready and available

  • Green

    by buying ready goods you reduce the need for new production

What is the problem?

Our research has shown that there is a gap between the customer intent to buy the product, seeing it as an opportunity and actually closing the transaction. We found the main reason for this is the uncertainty in the outcome, the fear in the back of the buyers’ mind that what you see is not what you get. The most common questions focus on the quality of the items – Why is this item in stock? Is it defective in some way? Are the sleeves too short, the fabric too coarse? And why is it so cheap? – and who are we buying from. In short, despite the attractive prices, the overarching problem is trust. Many retailers and wholesalers hesitate to buy stock, feeling that the risk is bigger than the reward.

Why StockStories? was born to allow clothing retailers and importers to buy ready-made goods that are stuck in factories for reasons that are not quality (Such as late delivery) in an easy and safe way. For example, Zara ordered 10,000 pieces of knitted sweater from factory X, the factory was late on delivery and Zara canceled the order. Now the factory is stuck with the merchandise with limited capacity to sell the goods. That is where StockStories comes into the picture, with on the ground quality control teams that are carefully checking the goods, and after it passes the QC, changing the labels, adding barcodes and turning the merchandise to your own brand with a cost lower by approximately 30% than production cost.

  • Creating a List

    Scroll through our website and pick the items you find interesting by clicking “add to list”. When you are done, click on “My List” at the top right corner. Click on “Share” then “Export to Excel”

  • Finalizing the PO

    Within 2 business days you will receive a reply to your offer(regarding your price and quantity). If any of the styles you picked were sold out we will do our best to offer you a similar replacement. The items that we can confirm your quantities and price, will turn into a PO for your final approval. For those items that didn’t meet your price request, we will counter offer with our best price for you to evaluate whether you accept or drop.

  • Lock the order

    Once a PO is finalized we will ask for a 30% down payment to be wired to our account against the order and we will lock the styles you picked. Until this stage, the PO will remain on “Hold” status. Upon receipt of the down payment, we will start working of the PO – counting the units per color and size and creating a packing list, changing the labels, performing a detailed QC and packaging. Merchandise that failed our QC or if the sizes of an item are completely broken will be dropped and we will try to offer a replacement for your approval which you may accept or reject.

  • Shipping and Logistics

    Through the process of preparing the merchandise, you will submit the details of your freight forwarding agent in the orient. If needed, we will be happy to offer our own agents as a service to you. Once the goods are ready, we will submit a detailed packing list and invoice for the payment of the balance 70%.

Meet the founders

Meet the people who created Stockstories.

  • Yuval Navon

    CO CEO

    Yuval has close to 20 years of experience in the retail, wholesale and manufacturing apparel industry as a CEO and business owner. Through the years he built long term business relationships with many suppliers across the world. He has extensive knowledge in trade and natural instincts in finding the best bargains and business opportunities. At his free time you will find him spending time with his family, riding a wave or surf skiing. He believes in fair trade, long term visionary and connection between people.

  • Shay Inbar

    CO CEO

    Shay has extensive experience in offline and online Business, with expertise in online advertising, classifieds, and trading. He is Founder at Minteye: Innovative advertising technology (partnered with AOL). The technology is in use by leading companies - Trip Advisor, Airbnb, Nike & more. On a day off you can catch him at sea on his surfboard, on the couch watching series on Netflix, or meditating on the balcony. Shay admires creative people, and out of the box thinking.

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