Taking care of customers, committed to the environment

We are here to offer you great value products, while hugging planet earth

About Us

Stockstories was founded in 2020 with the mission of creating a more sustainable, environmentally conscious fashion industry. We promote a circular economy model that favors the use of existing goods over excess production and smarter utilization of available resources over large-scale waste. Our unique model allows us to provide retail customers with the highest quality goods from ready-made factory overstocks of leading fashion brands from all over the world. Since its establishment, the company has serviced hundreds of retail clients who share our desire to lead positive change in the fashion industry without having to compromise on quality, profitability, or fashion.

Taking care of customers, committed to the environment

The fashion industry ranks among the most polluting industries in the world. To keep up with the growing demand for fashion products, manufacturers steadily increase the rate and scale of production. The result – roughly 10% of the goods will never reach the customer and ultimately be discarded as industrial waste. There are plenty of reasons for that, some predictable, some less so; from delays in the chain of supply to shorter-than-expected seasons which lead to massive overstocks of coats or bathing suits. And to make things even worse, while high-quality products waste away in volumes and never arrive at the market, similar designs are already lining up for future production, and so on, and so on. This is where we at StockStories come in – we rescue tons and tons of brand quality overstock inventories and, using our smart matching system, distribute them to select retailers and outlet stores worldwide. It’s time to join the environmental revolution that’s about to change the fashion industry forever.

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