Frequently Asked Questions

That’s easy, because of Stockstories’ global supply network and direct collaboration with some of the world’s leading brands and manufacturers. On our website, you can find a wide range of ready-made overstocks in real-time as well as a huge selection of brand merchandise surplus.
We are also especially proud of our advanced matching system (click here to learn more about our “Smart Agent”) and our uncompromising service and commitment to our customers’ satisfaction. Note that all the transactions carried out on the StockStories platform are made directly with us. This means we are taking full responsibility for our products all the way from the factory/ warehouse to you. So if you are for some reason unsatisfied, you know exactly who to turn to! (Click to read more about our warranty policy)

  • Retailors who seek excellent products at significantly lower than market price for brand relabeling according to their own needs
  • Designer brand outlets looking for pre-branded surplus merchandise at great value

There are typically several steps from the moment the goods are produced in the factory until they are ready to market.

  1. The goods are offered to the customer via the website or through our “Smart agent” system.
  2. The customer expresses interest in an item; if necessary, samples or additional information may be requested.
  3. The customer confirms the order and makes a down payment (30%) to seal the transaction, at which point StockStories representatives perform a thorough on-site, quality-control of the goods as well as an item count before loading on the shipment to the customer.
  4. In the case of non-labeled goods (factory overstocks), you may choose to put your own label on the merchandise, use our labels or make other adjustments – we’ll do it for you!
  5. Merchandise is ready to be handed over to the customer; final payment will be made against a copy of a BOL.

Here you will find surplus goods stored at retail or brands warehouses, offered for sale through us under strict guidelines and usually under certain geographical restrictions, per brand requirements. The commodity will usually come with a release form from the brand owner. Please note, that goods that come directly from the brand cannot be relabeled, and original tickets cannot be removed or changed.
The advantage of branded goods is the quality of the product and the clear DNA that repeats itself. If the fit works for you, you can follow the brand and get all their new offers.

A Smart agent assists you in receiving relevant offers that match your specific needs in the shortest time possible. Connecting to the Smart agent system is simple:

  1. Enter the categories you are interested in (e.g. Women – sweater, outerwear and so).
  2. The information is processed by StockStories Smart Agent
  3. Once the items that match your requirements come into our regularly updated inventory, you will receive a daily email notification with all the information you need about the item.

Yes, in most cases it is possible. We recommend you contact us and we will inquire about the possibility with the source on your behalf.

Yes, StockStories offers you the option to customize the goods by replacing the labels on goods coming from factories. Please note: This service is not provided when purchasing goods from an outlet.

StockStories takes full responsibility for the goods we supply. In the unfortunate event of receiving defective products, our comprehensive warranty policy will immediately kick in. you can read more about it here.

No, not yet. Booking through the website or through the Smart Agent is the first stage. Once we have approved the transaction, you can be sure that the product is on its way!

Merchandise is returnable under certain conditions as indicated in detail in our Warranty Policy >>> y >>> page

Overseas preparation takes 2-3 weeks on average.