A love story with the sea. The meaning of the name Alma Ola is the connection between the soul and the waves - the connection to the sea for its depth and power If you've been to Mermaid you're in the right place. Our swimwear is in original cuts that are placed on the body perfectly And love and thought were invested in them down to the smallest detail. Swimwear prints were born from inspiration and dreams on tropical beaches and trips around the world. Alma Ola was born for the free spirit that a swimsuit is her favorite item of clothing Swimwear is made of soft and comfortable Italian fabrics developed with special technology from recycled materials- The fabric fibers of the swimwear are made of recycled plastic - plastic bottles, fishing nets, plastic bags and plastic parts collected from the sea. We have set ourselves the goal of raising awareness of the preservation of the sea and the environment and reducing the use of plastic. Keep the sea clean and give it back love